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  • “The assistance to come up with an effective solution that meets the project specifications is appreciated”
  • “The breakdown of time and material billing costs on invoices really helps manage costs and provides the level of details needed for Hormel Engineers to properly manage their projects”
  • “Great job going above and beyond expectations on the Osceola Racking Job.  Your Knowledge of previous racking modifications projects was able to pass on an improved detail to a new location”
  • “Lysne does a great job of completing a job on schedule”
  • “Work in Knoxville has exceeded expectations as far as schedule is concerned. They were able to turn around the room three days early”
  • “Positive feedback in regards to schedule compliance and getting projects completed within tight construction windows”
  • “Lysne Superintendents are always very helpful when trying to solve a new problem by offering their insight or talking to other industry contacts they have to help solve the issue. The time and material billing system is very easy to understand and is very useful.”
  • “Lysne has a great team in the Austin Plant on a daily basis. Excellent attitude and handles a great load of projects with ease. Due to daily meetings, we are always on top of the progress that is being made”
  • “Lysne does an excellent job of estimating and bidding projects”
  • “They are one of the contractors that you just know will “own” their project work and get it done right. I do not have to worry about them violating QA or safety policies”